Stress management and training

Stress Management and Reduction

Stress is an unpleasant experience, it can make us feel isolated and unhappy. Whilst we can acknowledge that there is a lot of stress around, it isn’t useful to say there is nothing we can do about it.

I am now running stress management and reduction courses, for both individuals and small groups. During sessions you will learn:

  • What happens to your body when you become stressed
  • How to begin to reduce stress
  • How to deal with negative thoughts
  • How to cope with difficult situations in family/college/work life
  • How to feel confident

As well as my counselling training and experience I have a diploma in stress management (with distinction). I was studying for this during quite a stressful time in my life so I know it works!

If you would like to book in for individual or group sessions, please contact me.


Donna Murray and Dahlian Kirby 

Specialist trainers for people who work with people

We offer training for organisations and businesses that work with people. Each piece of training is adapted to the needs of the company. We provide in-house training, delivered with expert knowledge and experience. Current training packages include:

  • Equality and Diversity (includes The Equality Act )
  • Stress Management
  • LGBT awareness
  • Listening skills*
  • Boundaries and confidentiality*

Each training package can be delivered as half or full day sessions.

* Can be delivered as 90 minute sessions.

Also available: team building away days in Saltburn, Durham and Whitby