“There was no judgement, no rights or wrongs, just quiet. Dahlian allowed me to be me, allowed me to think and say out loud with out comment what I was feeling. There was subtle gentle probing which encouraged me to talk, I had never undergone counselling before so was nervous and unsure it would be of value, but I can without doubt recommend Dahlian as a councillor and the whole process which is in a safe confidential environment.'”

Welcome to my site where you can find information on me and the services I offer.

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.I provide face to face counselling in the Cleveland/Teesside area and also by e-mail, zoom and telephone to clients in other places. I have a background in education, working with adults as well as young people. I have a PhD in Philosophy which inspires me to look for solutions and for meaning in the way we live.

I work at the pace of the client and provide a secure non-judgemental environment for reflection and discussion.

Sometimes a person may just want one or two sessions in order to bounce ideas of someone or have someone listen to them talk about events that have upset them. Others may feel that they need longer in order to look at aspects of their lives in more depth.

As a humanistic counsellor I believe that everyone is able to work towards controlling their lives and making good choice – we just sometimes need support.