How I work


I believe that as humans we strive for happiness, but sometimes we feel powerless. In counselling you can reflect on what it is that you feel is wrong and I can help you make decisions which will make life better.

I offer an introductory session for £35 in which I explain how I work, and you can talk about what you hope to gain from counselling. After the initial session, if you wish to continue, we book another session and we take it from there. Sessions are then charged at £45 each. I am sometimes able to charge less for low/unwaged people- please ask. I am happy to provide ‘homework’ for between sessions. I take cash and payment by bank transfer.

Some people like to see a counsellor on a weekly basis; others like to leave it two or three weeks between sessions in order to reflect.

As I work in a person-centred way I develop a unique way of working for each client. You will never be expected to talk about things you don’t want to talk about. I will however provide structure and may make suggestions for tasks to do in the session or at home between sessions. Many people find that working creatively helps them to express themselves, I am happy to introduce art or journal work as part of the process.

As well as face to face  counselling I can  also work with you by phone, e-mail and Zoom.