“Dahlian helped me through a very difficult transition in my life. The sessions were open and supportive. They allowed me to explore myself and work through some very tough issues without judgement or pressure. Furthermore, I live out of the country and she made extraordinary efforts to find a secure way in which we could meet. Her dedication to her clients is amazing and comforting.”


“There was no judgement, no rights or wrongs, just quiet. Dahlian allowed me to be me, allowed me to think and say out loud without comment what I was feeling. There was subtle gentle probing which encouraged me to talk, I had never undergone counselling before so was nervous and unsure it would be  of value, but I can without doubt recommend Dahlian as a councillor and the whole process which is in a safe confidential environment.’”


“I found Dahlian warm, friendly with a human approach. Chat was informal and relaxed and free of any judgement or evaluation. Highly recommended.”


“Counselling helped me feel better about myself. It allowed me to take time to think things through and talk about my problems in a safe and comfortable environment. Thank you for listening.”


 “Thank you for the support in our sessions, I actually had the most relaxing, stress free Christmas I’ve had for about 10-15 years! A lot of that was due to the plans I made at our sessions. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”